Broker Arbitrage

BrokerArbitrage 2Walter Lea posted the following comment over at Forex Robot Nation (link listed below):

Watch the video of live trades carefully that they show of robot in action.

The last trade, eurjpy, closed in a loss, but then 6 seconds before end of video, they show trades history, AND…
I cannot see that trade there they have deleted it or photo shopped it out or I am BLIND…
I cannot see that it the history, pause the video, and have a look. I watch it twice and LOL…
And if anyone wants to allow their margin to go down to 150% is CRAZY and its gambling…

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Forex Diamond

ForexDiamond 2Forex Diamond is a new EA from the FX Automater team. FX Automater is the team behind the well-known EA’

[lists style="plus" color="#2177ce"]

  • Forex Combo System
  • Volatility Factor
  • Wall Street Forex Robot
  • [/lists]

    These EA’s have a good reputation and for good reason – They have performed fairly well. FX Automater is a team I trust, and not only because the EA’s they create are among some of the best in the industry, but also because the support is top notch and they honor the promised refund guarantee.
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    CashBackForex 2CashBackForex acts like an IB for lots and lots of brokers around the world. They refer clients to brokers, and share a part of the profit they make as an IB with these clients. Today, there are several FX kickback, rebate, cash back programs but CashBackForex are to our knowledge the ones who started this whole business model in this space. They have been around for years, and they are doing a great job.

    We have our own broker accounts through CashBackForex as we cannot think of any reason not too. If we go directly to one of the brokers listed on CashBackForex and sign up without CashBackForex as the referee, we will get the same spreads / commission as if we did use CashBackForex. Hence by allowing CashBackForex to get a pice of the pie, we end up being better off ourselves, than if we didn’t. This is a no brainer.
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    MyFxBook (1) 2MyFxBook has been around since August 2009, and it has just been getting better and better over time, while continuing to be completely free to use. The main focus with MyFxBook is post trade analysis for retail traders. You can easily connect your trading account to MyFxBook and by doing so, you will instantly get a much more clear picture of your historical performance, compared to the usual reporting from say MT4. You can see all kind of different stats, like your most profitable currency pairs, your win / loss ratio, trade activity, drawdowns, risk of ruin, and much much more.
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    FX VIP Club Trading Account

    FX-VIP-Club-Trading-Account 2FX VIP Club Trading account is an interesting one. They have been sending a lot of emails lately, with a link to a very simple sales page where they share some details about the managed account setup, and the option to opt-in for more information. Normally I would not even bother to read about managed account setups promising more than 1000% return over the past 12 months – which is exactly what these guys do. However, the interesting part is that the performance is verified with a real account on MyFxBook (link).

    However, there are still a couple of things making the alarm bells ring:

    - There is a Best Managed FX Program – Global Forex Awards 2013 batch on the site. No link though and a search on Google gives me no results.
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    1 x Simple Trading System

    1xSimpleTradingSystem 2Information About 1 X Simple Trading System
    Yet another forex trading system from Cecil Robles. The guy has released a high number of forex related products and services in recent years. There are a lot of promises but we are yet to see any verified historical performance for any of these systems.

    1 x Simple Trading System is his latest system and it comes with a price tag of $997 if you pay it all in one go. If you chose the 3-payment option, price increases to $397 * 3.

    The 1 x Simple Trading System comes with the necessary indicators / scripts for both the MT4 trading platform, as well as for Ninja Trader. Video and PDF instructions, email and phone support, and some “bonus” trading systems.
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    Forex Mentor Pro Review

    ForexMentorPro Forex Mentor Pro is one of our favourite services. Dean Saunders and Marc Walton have been running this service for some years, and it´s just getting better and better.

    We could have placed Forex Mentor Pro under signal providers, systems and strategies, but we have decided to put it here, as we find it a better fit. The service is exactly that; educational.
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    Cash Flow FX Review

    CashFlowFx product has been discontinued – I had a chance to see the back-end of Cash Flow FX ; a new FX mentoring service from a guy named Nik Halik who holds a rather impressive CV. You will learn all about this if you watch the first promotional video.

    After watching the first video, I was of the impression that Nik Halik would be the instructor of the Cash Flow FX Mentoring program, but turns out I was wrong. The guy talking you through all the videos in the back-end is John Bigatton – Entrepreneur, LifeStyle Expert, Strength Coach, and FX Trader.
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    Day Trading Forex Live

    DayTradingForexLive Information About Day Trading Forex Live
    We have been a long time member of Day Trading Forex Live. The service is really good. They service has changed a bit over time, but only for the better. The service is profitable if you follow the ideas shared. Sterling who is the founder of this service, is one of the few guys in this industry whom I trust. He is honest and provides a great service with lots of top-notch educational material and easy-to-follow trade suggestions.
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    KeltnerPro Review

    Keltner ProI got myself a copy of the new EA called KeltnerPro, developed by Jared Rybeck. The first email I got about this (two days ago) did sound a tab bit too good to be true, but I decided to take a look anyways. Now I got a copy of KeltnerPro running live on an MT4 account. Read on to see why I decided to get a copy, and follow how KeltnerPro performs right here. Read more →