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Welcome to Trading Forex Live

On this site I will try my best to share valuable information for retail forex traders. There is a lot of bulls… out there! Most forex related websites, services and programs are nothing but hot air created by people who have little to no knowledge about the FX market.

Here on Trading Forex Live I will share my thoughts on various topics related to currency trading. So please, spend a couple of minutes to look around on this site. Hopefully you will find something that can help you in forex trading journey.

The blog: is updated every now and then with my thoughts on topics like market outlooks, industry news, previews and reviews of services, ea’s,and the like.

Performance: yeah, I trade a bit every now and then. You can follow my journey here.

Resources: Majority of products and services in this space are completely useless! Sketchy tactics are used to lure people into buying expensive useless products with promises of becoming rich within the end of the week. In this section I should you what I have tested and recommends.

I am never more than an email away. If you have anything you would like to discuss or talk about, feel free to contact me, right here.